New Online Mental Health & Wellbeing Support Resource for Postgraduate Researchers

The University of Derby, working in collaboration with King’s College London and Student Minds, launched The Wellbeing Thesis— a website providing information to improve the mental health of postgraduate research students.

The website – an output from the University of Derby and King’s College London’s Research England/Office for Students Catalyst Fund project into the mental health and wellbeing of postgraduate researchers – provides a national, open-access web-resource, taking a prevention and early intervention approach and aims to support postgraduate research student mental wellbeing.

In Partnership with Postgraduate Researchers

Co-creation with PGRs play a key role in the development of the website’s content and selection of topics. PGR co-creational panels provided the main themes that influenced the structure and information within this website; while a literature review informed further the topics and supporting research.

The main topic areas are:

  • Why You Are Engaging in PGR Studies
  • Foundations for Success
  • Postgraduate Research Myths Debunked
  • Taking Control to Make This Work for You
  • Using the Resources Available
  • Making the Research Process Work for You
  • Managing Adversity
  • Planning for the World After

Within these topics are resources specifically for postgraduate researchers, all of which considers the whole postgraduate research experience and support positive cultural change towards good mental health.

Resources include exercises to help candidates manage stress and tips to improve sleep, videos sharing advice on how to use the structure of the research degree to your benefit, and how to manage adversity.

As a growing body of evidence suggests the severity that mental ill-health and stress during the PhD have been found to be higher than the general population, with high numbers of PGR students suffering from stress and mental fatigue, this is a particularly useful resource to share with doctoral candidates at regardless of where they are in the doctoral journey or their current state of mental health & wellbeing.

Visit The Wellbeing Thesis Website >

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