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The Research Supervisor’s Bibliography – Dr Stan Taylor

The 200-page Research Supervisor’s Bibliography is the definitive resource on research supervision literature. Not intended to be a complete list of publications but an index of the key references in the literature across 21 topics.

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Fframwaith Ymarfer Goruchwyliol Da

Fersiwn Cymraeg o’r Fframwaith Ymarfer Goruchwyliol Da.

Gyda diolch i Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.

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Research Supervisor's Bibliography 2019 Additions

The Research Supervisor’s Bibliography 2019 Additions – Dr Stan Taylor

Download this document for the references newly added to the Third Edition of the Research Supervisor’s Bibliography.

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Eligibility to Supervise: A Study of UK Institutions

This supervision research paper by Dr Stan Taylor, examines the requirements at UK HEI’s relating to eligibility to supervise research – identifying 9 common criteria for eligibility. The paper also examines the professional development requirements

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Supervisory Practice Q&A with Professor Helen Gleeson

45 minute Q&A with Professor Helen Gleeson of the University of Leeds, the Outstanding Research Supervisor of the Year at the 2018 THE Awards.

Enhancing Practice in Research Supervision

Enhancing Practice in Research Supervision – Dr Stan Taylor

This collection of ten blogs written by members of the UKCGE’s Research Supervisors Network covers a wide range of subjects from supervising interdisciplinary and practice-based doctorates to supporting candidates writing and rewarding excellence in supervision.

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Oustanding Supervisory Practice Q&A with Dr Matthew Inglis

A recording of the Q&A webinar recorded with Dr Matthew Inglis the Outstanding Research Supervisor of the Year at the 2017 THE Awards.

Research Supervision Recognition Programme - Sample Application

Sample Application – Research Supervision Recognition Programme

This sample application illustrates how evidence of practice can be provided and how to include references to appropriate literature in an application to the Research Supervision Recognition Programme.

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Exemplary Practice in Research Supervision

A recording of Prof Alys Young, of the University of Manchester, Exemplary Practice in Research Supervision seminar from the inaugural meeting of the Research Supervisors Network group.

A Guide to Online Supervision

This guide identifies the benefits of online supervision, considers the challenges, and suggests ways in which supervisors might be able to overcome them. Find out more.

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Effective Practices in Research Supervision at a Distance

The recording of the UKCGE webinar on Effective Practices on Doctoral Supervision at a Distance with Douglas Halliday, Samantha Oakley and James Bruce.

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