Guide for Research Supervisors in Organisations Outside of Higher Education

This guide, our latest resource on research supervision, is designed to help supervisors, based in organisations outside of higher education, navigate the specific challenges they face whilst supervising doctoral candidates.

Offering Support to Supervisors in External Institutions

While a significant number of universities are involved in doctoral collaborations with external partners outside higher education, and many doctoral candidates are spending a proportion of their studies in partner organisations, there appears to be relatively little in the way of support to external supervisors.

The aim of this guide, authored by Professor Stan Taylor, Honorary Professor at Durham University, and Professor Robin Humphrey, Emeritus Professor at Newcastle University, is to provide such support.

The guide, based on the literature on the subject, considers the questions:

  • What is a doctorate?
  • What is involved in studying for a doctorate?
  • What are collaborative doctorates?
  • What are the benefits of collaborative doctorates?
  • What are the potential challenges?
  • How can supervisors help to overcome the challenges?


The UKCGE would like to thank the authors of this guide for their contributions.