Research Supervisor’s Bibliography 4th Edition

The 4th Edition of the essential Research Supervisor’s Bibliography – compiled by Professor Stan Taylor – contains the key references in the literature on research supervision according to topics.

The 200-page document covers 21 areas of research supervision including:

  • Importance of good supervision
  • The Overall, Institutional, Disciplinary & Programme Contexts
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Co-Supervision
  • Keeping the Project on Track
  • Personal, Professional, Academic & Career Support
  • The Future of the Doctorate.

Updated and Reviewed. 4th Edition Additions

For its 4th Edition, the Research Supervisor’s Bibliography has been comprehensively reviewed to ensure all references and linked resources continue to be accessible.

The substantial additional references in the 4th Edition cover the majority of sections in the bibliography, which also includes two new sections: 19.1 Systems for Examinations and 21 The Future of the Doctorate.

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