Supervising the PhD: A Guide to Success (2nd Edition)

Delamont, S., Atkinson, P., and Parry, O. (2004)

Buckingham, Open University Press and Society for Research into Higher Education.


This handbook is a practical guide for the novice and experienced supervisor of Ph.D. students focusing on the British system. The book is organized to follow the progress of a student from starting out to a career after the viva voce examination. The chapters are: (1) A Most Persuasive Piece of Argument”; (2) Caught and Held by a Cobweb: Getting the Student Started”; (3) The Balance between Tradition and Progress: Designing and Planning a Project”; (4) Old Manuscripts: The Literature Review”; (5) Heavy and Thankless Task: Overseeing the Data Collection”; (6) Disagreeableness and Danger: Keeping Up the Student’s Motivation”; (7) Contorted Corkscrew: The Getting and Giving of Judgement”; (8) An Emotional Excitement: Writing Up the Thesis”; (9) A Lack of Genuine Interest: Choosing the Right External and Preparing the Student for the Examination”; (10) The Brave Pretence at Confidence: Launching the Student’s Career”; and (11) A Rather Unpromising Consignment: Selecting Successful Students and Building a Research Culture.” An appendix lists sources for further reading. 

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