UKCGE Guide to Online Supervision

The UK Council for Graduate Education has published this guide to online supervision, created to help research supervisors navigate the challenges of remote doctoral supervision.

Exploring Challenges. Sharing Good Practice

The guide shares the benefits of online supervising, outlines the issues and challenges for supervisors and candidates, and suggests strategies and practices for supervisors to consider when working with candidates engaged in research at a distance.

It is authored by three leading experts in the field of research supervision: Swapna Kumar – Clinical Associate Professor of Educational Technology in the School of Teaching and Learning, University of Florida – Vijay Kumar – Associate Professor of Higher Education in the Higher Education Development Centre, University of Otago, New Zealand – and Stan Taylor – Honorary Professor in the School of Education, University of Durham – and is based on the literature into remote supervision.

The guide is particularly relevant in the present circumstances with campuses locked down due to the coronavirus pandemic, but also offers guidance in situations where candidates engage in research at geographical distance from the institution, or in programs that involve online components.

To be cited as: Kumar, S., Kumar, V. & Taylor, S. (2020) A Guide to Online Supervision. UK Council for Graduate Education. Retrieved from:


The UKCGE would like to thank the authors of this guide for their contributions.

Further Reading

Explore the Good Supervisory Practice Framework for more guidance on good practice in research supervision.

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