Guidance for Referees

Why are references required?

References are required to authenticate the applicant’s reflective account of their supervisory practice and, where appropriate, to provide additional evidence. 

The UKCGE is very grateful to those agreeing to act as referees as this is an essential part of the recognition process. 

What should I do before writing the reference?

Please refer to the appropriate guide to structured self-reflection:

These guidance notes explain what are the typical examples of the kinds of evidence required, and indicate what relevant supporting materials might be, drawn from research and scholarship in the field. 

Under each heading, applicants are asked to describe and evaluate their practice and to demonstrate that it is aligned to the relevant criteria, and this should be embodied in their reflective account. 

If you are familiar with the Good Supervisory Practice Framework, then it should enable you to understand the account. 

What do I need to comment on in the reference?

You need to indicate the context in which you are writing the reference, and give a brief account of your experience with the applicant. 

Your role then is to read through the applicant’s account and then to comment upon how far it is a genuine description of their supervisory practice. Your comments should be drawn from material in the account itself, although you may wish to provide additional evidence to support the case for alignment. 

Please note that the reference is not for the applicant as a researcher per se, but as a supervisor. So the reference should only relate to the applicant’s experience, status and record as a researcher in so far as this is relevant to their practice as a supervisor. 

How long should the reference be?

The expectation is that your reference should normally be no more than 500 words.

What other information do I need to include?

In order that references can be verified, you should include your title, name, role descriptor, institution, and postal or e‑mail address at the end of the reference.

What is the process for submitting a reference?

You will initially be approached by the applicant and asked if you are able and willing to write a reference for them. If you are happy to do so, they should send you a web link to the Reference Form.

You should complete the form and then send it back to the applicant who will then submit it along with her or his account for review.

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