Levels of Recognition

We offer two levels of recognition, depending on experience

The depth of reflection required, and the standards employed in the review process, are the same for both levels of recognition. 

Recognised Supervisor

If you have supervised doctoral researchers through to completion, you will have the experience to demonstrate the alignment of your practice to all criteria within the Good Supervisory Practice framework.

Your application must also include 2 references

  • 1 from a former doctoral candidate, 
  • and 1 from a colleague who can authenticate your supervisory experience.

Recognised Associate Supervisor

If you are an early career researcher, a post-doctoral fellow, a technician, or a member of professional services staff, some aspects of the Good Supervisory Practice Framework may not apply to you.

Applying for the Recognised Associate Supervisor Award requires evidence against 5 of the 10 criteria of the Good Supervisory Practice framework, of which 3 are compulsory and 2 are elective.

Your application for the Associate award must also include 2 supporting documents —

Which level should I apply for?

For the full award, applicants should provide evidence against each criteria of the Good Supervisory Practice Framework. The Associate award requires evidence against 3 core criteria, and a further 2 elective criteria. This is set out below:

Recruitment and selection×
Supervisory relationships with candidates
Supervisory relationships with co-supervisors
Supporting candidates’ research projectsElective
Encouraging candidates to write and giving appropriate feedbackElective
Keeping the research on track and monitoring progress×
Supporting candidates’ personal, professional and career developmentElective
Supporting candidates through completion and final examination×
Supporting candidates to disseminate their researchElective
Reflecting upon and enhancing practice
Supervision observation report×
Reference from a former doctoral candidate×
Reference from a colleague
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